Golf Park Lhotka is the background for high-level training for experienced players, children golf camps, classes for individuals and groups, corporate team building events with golf or just a pleasant environment for a fun afternoon with your family in a beautiful surrounding.

We also have clubs available for your own use.

Driving range

  • 250 m long

  • two different tees for long (D1) and short (D2) game

  • 34 positions with an automatic balls feeder

  • supervision of a coach within the free services of our resort

  • unlimited time on the tee

  • dress code not required


Chipping green

  • green for practising short and long puts

  • specially modelled terrain with two bunkers

  • coach supervision within the free services of our resort

  • the possibility of renting balls

  • dress code not required

Putting green

  • green with 9 holes

  • for practising the final strikes

  • coach supervision within the free services of our resort

  • the possibility of renting balls

  • dress code not required

Snag golf

SNAG is a complex training system created for the youngest children. It contains all the elements of golf in simplified and easy to understand form. Kids train with specially designed golf equipment. These way children can learn to play golf through fun which is rewarding for both teachers and students. Equipment is also available to adults.


Open to everyone. You can relax here in beautiful surroundings with good food and enjoy a cup of delicious coffee or soft ice cream. We open for breakfast.

Everything about the café you can find in the section RESTAURANT.




1. Visitors must be familiar with the operating rules of the Golf Park Lhotka (the GPL) and must follow them during their visit.

2. Visitors are required to observe the principles of safety at all golf courses (driving range, practice greens and bunkers) and not to endanger other visitors.

3. Visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of the coach or personnel

4. Admission to any of golf course is permitted only after paying the admission fee.

5. It is forbidden to take out practice balls from the premises.

6. Persons under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances are not permitted to enter the area.

7. Admission to all golf courses with strollers and children up to 4 years old is at your own risk.

8. Children up to 12 years old are admitted only with a guardian who is responsible for their safety and respect other players,

9. Free running dogs are not permitted into the GPL areas. Each owner is obliged to clean up after their dog.

10. Visitors are not permitted to participate in inappropriate clothing (crop top, shorts or swimwear...) including footwear.

11. GPL does not take any responsibility for any damage to health or property of the visitors, on the premises or nearby surroundings

12. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas of GPL.

13. The visitors are obliged to keep all areas of the GPL resort in order, no littering, empty baskets must be returned back into designated areas.

14. Visitors are required to behave appropriately in the whole area of GPL, especially in the areas intended for play and training or in their vicinity.

15. Vulgar behaviour towards personnel of GPL (eg. the coach, receptionist) will not be tolerated and is a violation of the Operating rules of GPL.

16. Coach on duty or other authorized personnel of GPL has the right to immediately order a serious violation of operating rules, especially in the following cases:

  • player hasn't paid admission
  • player stole practice balls
  • players behaviour endangers other people
  • player damages facility or equipment

17. Visitor who repeatedly disregards Operating Rules will be prohibited to use the GPL facilities.

18. There are security cameras operating at all the time, in accordance with the relevant provisions of Law no. 101/2000 Coll.

19. Free parking is available in an unguarded parking. GPL take no responsibility to damage of vehicles or personnel belongings this is in line with the legal interpretation of § 435 et seq. Civil Code. We ask visitors to understand the obligations under § 415 of the Civil Code, their vehicles should always be properly locked and do not leave any valuable belongings in visible places in the vehicle. The parking area is under 24hr cctv.

20. Visitors give consent that photographs/video taken on the GPL resort will be the property of GPL and   may not be used against GPL for financial compensation.

21. It is not permitted to bring and consume your own food and drinks on the GPL cafe premises.


1. It is forbidden on the first tee, to hit the ball deliberately toward the woods on the right side, electricity poles and left on the second tee. On the second tee, it is forbidden to intentionally strike the ball towards the right at the first tee into the grove of trees and electricity poles.

2. Tee's reserved for coaches can only be used if available

3. Striking a ball on a grass driving range is only allowed to players with handicap 36 and below, and only in a restricted area.

4. Last ball vouchers ends 20 min. before closing time.

5. It is not permitted to retrieve training balls used on a driving range and use them for the next game. Violation of this is against the rules and visitors may be removed from the resort

6. Players are always required to use a bunker rake after a shot has been played and replace in a appropriate area.

7. Chipping is strictly prohibited on the putting green.

8. It is forbidden to move around the practice greens in improper shoes (ex. shoes with metal spikes, with a patterned out sole or sharp edges, heels, etc.)


1. The playing surface is 18 tracks with holes. Players are obliged to follow the order of the tracks 1 to 18, if 2 groups of players come together in one hole, it is possible to make an agreement with the other group to skip and return to it later.

2. Adventure golf tracks are covered with artificial turf; players are allowed to walk on the tracks. Please enter the runway only with clean shoes.

3. Players in the miniature golf area play at their own risk.

4. On the course it is forbidden to move outside the marked paths.

5. The course only allows children 3yrs and above to play, Children up to 110 cm may only enter the course accompanied by an adult. Throughout the game parents are fully responsible for their children.

6. It is not permitted for any persons to be in a state of drunkenness.

7. Players are obliged to follow the rules and keep shots always under control to avoid injury to other players.

8. In violation of the rules, the operator reserves the right to prematurely terminate the game without returning the admission fee.

9. Players are expected to obtain upon their person proof of payment to show on request to employees of the GPL.


Thank you for respecting these rules.

The operator of Golf Park Lhotka.




C – access road

A – adventure golf

O – turnabout

K – clubhouse, a restaurant with a terrace

B – bunker

CH – chipping green

P – putting green

D1, D2 – driving range (te)

P – parking