Adventure Golf is a very interesting form of golf in beautiful surroundings designed for family, business entertainment or proffesional training.  It offers the best of adult golf and minigolf at the same time:

  • minigolf course size

  • standard golf rules

  • lots of fun

  • ideal for families, corporate teambuilding or fun with friends

  • all equipment avaliable for hiring


The goal of the game: to deliver the ball into the hole using a club, avoiding various obsticles. The winner is the player who manages all 18 holes at the least strikes.


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1. Course consists of 18 holes. Each of them is numbered. Please respect order.

2. Adventure golf can be played individually or in teams (the recommended maximum of one team is 4 players).

3. Players within the team play in the order.

4. The goal is to deliver the ball into the hole in the fewest number of strikes.

5. The game begins at the hole in front of the boards, where you can place the ball where you wish.

6. If the ball leaves the lane, it is returned to the place where it left the lane and player credits one point of penalty. In this case, the player can move the ball perpendicularly from the board at a distance of 15 cm.

7. If the ball ends up in the sand or water hazard, the player can continue the game from the obstacle or 15 cm from the edge of obstacle, in the places, where he was struck with an obstacle, with one penalty point.

8. If the ball ends up in some of the natural barriers, it is presented perpendicularly from the obstacle at a distance of 15 cm without losing a without a penalty point..



1. The playing course is 18 tracks with holes. Players are obliged to follow the order of the tracks 1 to 18, if two teams come together in one hole, it is possible to agree ono skiping the hole and return to it later.

2. Adventure golf tracks are covered with artificial grass that players are permitted to walk on. Please enter only with clean shoes.

3. Movement throughout the miniature golf course is at your own risk.

4. On the course it is forbidden to move outside the marked paths.

5. Only children age 3 or older are allowed to use the course. Children up to 110 cm may only enter the course accompanied by an adult. Throughout the game parents/quardians are fully responsible for the children.

6. People in a state of drunkenness are not permitted to enter the grounds.

7. Players are obliged to follow the rules. Handle your club with caution and keep your shots always under control to avoid injury to other players.

8. In case of violation of rules, the staff reserves the right to prematurely terminate the game without returning the admission fee.

9. The player is required to have a proof of payment of the entrance fee on a prominent place, or upon request present employees of the Golf Park Lhotka.